SCAR Services guarantees all candidates for employment MUST be vetted and trained before wearing our name or stepping foot on our clients’ property. Each candidate is observed and approved prior to employment by our TOPS Academy (Tactical Operations & Procedures Specialists). Our instructors are subject matter experts, and specialize in a variety of different security aspects, and solutions.

Our vetting & training process includes:

Pre-Screening Application

Aptitude Exam

Character Exam

Psychological Exam

Full Length Application

7-year Employment Verification

3-Year MVR Verification

24-hour Orientation and Training

Background Check

Drug Test

16-hours Firearms Familiarization

ASP Baton & Handcuff Training

OC Spray Training

Taser Training

Escalation of Force Training

De-escalation of Force Training

Vehicle Operator Course Exam

Roadside Assistance Exam

CPR/AED Training

Universal First Aid Training

Blood Borne Pathogens Training

Emergency Oxygen Administration

Basic Life Support Training

All security officers MUST receive a 100% completion prior to their first day actively working a site/patrol. SCAR Services licenses all security officers through the Georgia Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies and/or the government entity which approves licensing of security officers. This is to ensure all our officer armed or unarmed have been properly vetted and trained to provide a variety of different security solutions to our clients at a moment’s notice.