Patrol & Alarm


Patrol & Alarm



Our Crime Prevention Patrol serves a limited, but useful purpose. By definition, the mobile patrol service does not remain on-site and generally uses a vehicle to make the rounds. This type of patrol is far less expensive than a dedicated on-site security officer, because of the limited time spent on the property. Highly visible, drive-through security services are ideal for the patrol of commercial properties after business hours or on private property not open to the public, as well as, communities. (i.e. HOAs, Apartments, Town Homes, Shopping Centers, Malls, Construction Sites, and more. )


Our patrol vehicles have access to a multitude of forms that give our professionals everything they need to accurately and effectively document every detail of their shift. Our equipment has its own data plan, and there is no need for wifi, so all forms are submitted immediately upon completion.

With our forms readily available, nothing goes undocumented, and our clients have true peace of mind after each form is submitted. These forms are signed by the professional who has completed them, and emailed to our designated recipients for immediate review once the form is finalized and submitted.



By design, a mobile patrol service is highly visible. SCAR Services’ Crime Prevention Patrol units are high profile and distinctive in appearance. Our vehicles are well-marked and most are equipped with a light-bar, wifi, GPS, laptop, and a PA system. This high visibility maximizes the deterrent effect to prevent the opportunity for criminal mischief. Our patrol division has expanded rapidly due to the popularity of these services and the practicality of this type of security.



The basic components of our mobile patrols are highly visible vehicles and well-trained experienced patrol officers. While on patrol, each officer checks doors, windows, fencing and the general conditions of the property relating to security aspects. If the officers were to find a problem with a client’s facility, they would report their findings to the immediate supervisor, and notate it in their Daily Activity Report and/or Incident Report.


SCAR Services will provide you with documentation and electronic verification of all security activities that take place at your business or facility. Patrol Officers are required to submit a Daily Activity Report at the end of each shift, and/or an Incident Report for any activity outside the normal scope of business. An Incident Report is immediately submitted and emailed to the client for swift peace of mind.

For our clients and other alarm companies, we can immediately dispatch a security officer in a marked patrol car to investigate the source of the alarm, contact the local police, if needed, contact our client with the results, and secure the building on behalf of the client. This service eliminates the necessity of client response and greatly reduces the clients’ liability in having an employee respond. Best of all, we can offer this service at a very minimal monthly fee, or if you currently pay for our Crime Prevention Patrol you have a FREE Alarm Response service at no additional cost. Our Crime Prevention Patrol is an effective service for any business thathas a need for security, while effectively reducing their cost of providing a safe and secure environment.